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Bitcoin in the UK


UK based Bitcoin transactions are a fairly new concept, in fact only recently have platforms entered the British marketplace with the aim of providing third party software to those engaging with the digital currency. Bitcoins are now approaching the 75% completion mark, which means that of the 21 million that can be produced in total, roughly 15 million of them are already in circulation.

Although there’s no actual value per coin, the market standard dictates that each one is currently estimated to be worth $700, or about £550 within the United Kingdom. For anyone wanting to get started with the digital currency, they will need an account and a digital wallet where the coins can be stored – and the same applies to those within the UK buying bitcoins.

Are there any differences between locations?

The one and only difference between people using the digital currency in varying locations (for example a buyer was in England and the seller was in Australia), is the currency that they would have used in order to obtain the coins in the first place. As briefly mentioned above, as the coins are bought from manufacturers, or miners as they are often called, these individuals will often charge their own fees in exchange for the coins themselves.

For an individual purchasing Bitcoin in the UK, they could expect to pay between £550 and £560, whereas someone in Australia may need to invest up to $900 AUD, or $700 USD.

LATEST UPDATE as of Dec 2017 the price of Bitcoins has now gone to $19,000 USD


Bitcoin Conference Russia becomes a forum

Feb 07

Bitcoin Conference Russia changes format and becomes a forum. This Betting Business Russia reported the press service of the organizer of the event “Smile-Expo”. “In 2015, market development cryptocurrency change their trajectory. The collapse of the stock exchanges and companies, depreciation Bitcoin ban and lock thematic sites in Russia prompted the conference organizers to adapt to these factors and to change the format of the event, “- commented the press service. Forum will be held on 2 April. […]






MasterCard has recognized his rival bitcoin

March 24, 2015

The MasterCard herein the term “cryptocurrency” is mentioned three times in the semantic relation to the word “competition”. So, first, it noted that the competitors of the company are cash, traveler’s checks, wire transfers, mobile applications and cryptocurrency. Then comes the question of cryptocurrency as a newly developed start-up competitor. And finally, the apogee cryptocurrency mention is the following excerpt from the MasterCard report, “Fast […]

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Zebpay Bitcoin will spread in India

March 24, 2015

Fresh Bitcoin start-up Zebpay recently held their launch event called The Future of Money in Ahmedabad on March 19, 2015. The event was a success with 400 people in attendance officially making it the largest Bitcoin get-together in India. The event featured special guests such as Mrs. Anar Patel, daughter of Gujarat Chief Minister, and Nishith Desai, the founder of […]

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Bitcoin market will use the Nasdaq trading infrastructure

March 24, 2015

Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. (An American company, owner of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and 8 more European exchanges in the Baltic region) has agreed to provide a place on the site of the New York startup Noble Markets, whose technologies enable institutional investors, such as hedge funds, trading Bitcoin and associated digital assets. This writes the Wall Street Journal. According to the joint statement provided by […]